The new Cup of Coffee. Is it real or just trendy?

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By Peter, April 7, 2011 22:15

What happened to that old cup of coffee my mother could enjoy so very much? Just pouring hot water over a whole lot of coffee making the strongest coffee you could imagine. But it was served with the same volume of fresh cooked milk or water if you preferred black. No other choices were available at my mother’s “cafe”. Although she was more than 50% Italian she had never heard about cappuccino. She died almost 25 years ago, but would she make the coffee in a different way now? I don’t know. What I do know that Nespresso and Starbucks changed the coffee world completely. Coffee is not a normal drink anymore. It is an experience. It is being a part of a group. The real marketers have done their job really well. And nowadays we don’t even remember how it was before, it’s “normal” now.

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