My new electrical toothbrush

By Peter, June 1, 2009 16:05


As I told you earlier, I am fond of gadgets. Although I qualified only the iPhone and the MacBook Air as real gadgets, I must admit that you can put the newest toothbrush of Oral Braun high on an “almost gadget” list. But what is the gadget feeling or gadget look of this normal day to day device? I will tell you. One of the features of a gadget is that it has at least some sort of display. And this one has two. One on the brush itself, providing the information about the current state of the batteries. But the other is much more sophisticated.

braun8It is a little monitor. All by itself it stands just in front of you (or anywhere you want). Not that you can have the world news on the tiny screen, but it gives all kind of information about your brushing activities at that very moment. 1. It shows the current state of the electrical brush (it has 4 different ‘speeds’ for various purposes). 2. It gives you a warning, if you are pushing the brush too hard on your teeth. If you do, a red sign will lighten up in the black and white display to warn you. 3. It gives also the signal to change that tiny end of the huge toothbrush, the brush itself! 4. Last but not least: it monitors if you brush for the full two minutes (dentist advice). It helps you to divide this total time into 4 equal parts of 30 seconds. Every 30 seconds you have to move your brush to the next quadrant of your teeth.

But now comes the funny part of this story. How can it be, that a temperate young (!) man like me can be influenced by such a tiny display. Now and then I put by brush hard against my teeth, just to let the red light flash and I do not dare to finish my teeth cleaning before the 2 minutes are over. How demanding a little thing like this can be! Every time I succeed in exceeding the two minute minimum, the little monitor produces a big smile! Is there a better way to start a day? One day I brushed for more than 3 minutes and I imagined that the smiley winked to me. Or was it a little bit late that day?


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