Corporate Social Responsibility

By Peter, June 14, 2009 16:02

aarde_hand_01_000In Dutch you would translate this into “Maatschappelijk verantwoord ondernemen”. Every company is aware of this. Even in these difficult times.  Sometimes companies try to solve problems and/or discussions about claims they (think to) have on each other by proposing the difference in money (or a part of that) to be tansferred to charity. I am always wondering whether the “winning” side or the “losing” side makes the first proposal. I think it is the “losing” side. But nevertheless, all charity would of course not care what the story is behind the gift, they appreciate every gift, no matter how small or how big it is. And not just companies, individuals feel the need for CSR also. More and more you read in LinkedIn summaries about the charities that particular persons are involved with.

wwfExtensive research has shown, that giving money to charity gives a good feeling. It is like giving something back to society. Maybe it is typically Dutch. Maybe we are a little bit ashamed for our salaries (that’s why we are not open on these matters) and trying to buy off guilt in some sort of way. I don’t know, but it is interesting. I also try to contribute to charity and show in some sort of way my social responsibility. I can give you a few examples: World Wild Life Fund and Cancer Fund are allowed to automatically withdraw money from my bank account every month. I am considering the Dutch Heart Foundation to let them do the same, but there are some discussions about the salary of the medical director, so I have to rethink that.

As you have read I am leaving Audax and will start on August 1st at EtamGroep in Zoetermeer. Audax offered me a farewell reception. And of course you know how these things go. You can shake hands with everyone you’ve done business with in the past and kiss all of your great collegues. At the end of the evening you have to drive your car in front of the entrance of the building just to be able to put all the bottles of liquor and wine in the trunk of your car. Well, the handshakes and the kisses I love, but the idea to take so much alcohol back home did not appeal to me. So in the invitation for my little party I mentioned that I did not want to receive any presents whatsoever, but I ask the guests to wire some amount of money to the Dutch Guiding Dogs Foundation KNGF ( with the text “Receptie Audax” instead of bringing bottles to Gilze. I am wondering how much money will be raised for the KNGF.

LabradorblondProbably you would say that these confessions in my blog-post confirms and underline the outcome of that research I mentioned. You could state that I try to get an even more good feeling by writing and telling you about my expenditure on charity. But that is not the case. I really want you all to trigger and (of course) I want you to send lots of money to the KNGF ( on giro 643300.

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One Response to “Corporate Social Responsibility”

  1. Anke says:

    Hi Peter,

    This is a good initiative! I really like thinks like this. I also read some other articles on your blog. Very interesting. Nice to read that you are more than welcome at Miss Etam. See you the coming weeks (your last weeks) at Audax.

    Regards, Anke van Pelt

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