My new little Netbook

By Peter, March 8, 2010 23:04

dot s.NL/305

OK, I know I have a certain weakness for small PC’s. A few years ago I bought one of the first Netbooks (the word was not invented at that time). A very nice Asus (the S6F) with a beautiful 11inch screen. The price of the computer was at that time almost € 2.000 and it was for years my companion on various vacations. Not only to read my mail and to keep up with the latest news, but also to watch my own digital television from home on any place in the world.

But this weekend the local Media Markt (after opening a third store in Rotterdam) had a few special offers. One of them was a new netbook from Packard Bell, the Dot.s/NL 305. A look-a-like of my Asus?. And now a few years later, a faster processor, Windows 7 and a LED screen and only a tenth of that price of a few years ago. Only € 239 for a piece of the newest technique.

OK, it takes some time to have this little monster configured just the way I want, but its speed is really astonishing. Not only Wifi is working fine (and of course a wired connection will also do) but the T-Mobile dongle is also doing its job just from the start. I remember to have spent a full day in my short Christmas Holiday to have it working on a that same Asus.

And of course equipped with the newest software that comes with Windows 7. And my newest discovery is the program LiveWriter. This program is part of the Live family and is the ultimate program to write weblogs. And it works with this WebLog. What a magic. It’s now so easy to write a weblog and have it instantly published at my weblog. Also inserting pictures and links is very easy to do. I almost forget my Apple Mac’s <grin>. Yes the Packard Bell is my newest friend and has earned a trip to my next vacation location. But only as an extra machine, the MacBook Pro is still the first choice. I am sure the little one will understand!

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