What time is it? Watch the watches!

By Peter, March 12, 2010 00:34

Tag Heuer Carrera

It’s already widely known, that I own maybe more computers per square meter than a lot of other people and not only because I live in a small apartment in the centre of Rotterdam, but also because a few computers are not that big. But the same feeling I have on computers I also have when we talk about watches. Why is that? Are there more people that have the same feeling about those two so different products? I will try to explain.

Of course the first thing that comes to my mind is the fact that computers and watches are both very sophisticated pieces of work. A small machine with big power. And although they have a complete different history, they both have a great attraction to me. Is this more common? And is it so that there are more men than women attracted to these masters of technique? Like men are Beta and women are more Alpha? Too many questions and far too many possible answers.

It’s a fact, that men would like to wear some jewellery – just lilke women – and that it’s not for everyone possible to wear earrings, piercings, bracelets, necklaces etc. So the last thing on the list of bling bling items is then the watch. And how many times do we use it to really find out the exact the time, as there are so many places you can see the real exact time? I must admit that in the office I look at my radio controlled clock more often than on my watch. As a matter of fact, the Tag Heuer Carrera, an automatic watch, is always running faster than real time (but still within the (wide) margins) and has to be reset manually so now and then to be adjusted to the exact time. So why am I happy with that watch? Probably because it is a real jewel on my wrist and (again) I like the technique in the watch itself. Maybe I like the Tag Heuer more than the Citizen Eco Drive, that not only chargse its energy from the daylight around us, but – like a radio controlled watch – also seeks every night for that Atomic clock nearby Frankfurt to adjust its time to the exact real time. What more could a man want?

Omega Speedmaster Vancouver 2010 watchYes, there is something more! If the technique and the look are OK, there is something more that can attract those spoiled men. And that is the Limited Edition. The latest I am aware of (and I like it very much) is the newest from Omega. It is a Seamaster Professional model, with a white dial and a red lunette. This watch has been issued during the latest Winter Olympics and only 2010 pieces are made worldwide. Its name is Vancouver (of course) and the thoughts behind the number of 2.010 pieces is also not hard to guess. You will not see this masterpiece in the jeweller’s window. You have to make an appointment with a prominent jeweller, who will try to find one of the (probably) 10 pieces that will be available here in The Netherlands. And if you then receive the call that the watch is waiting for you to see and to try it on, excitement is all over the place. And I must admit that at that time not only the art of technique and the great looking attracts,  but also that you can be one of a very select group of people (limited to maximum 2.010 people) who own the Vancouver Omega Seamaster 2010.

Are there any other jewels that a man can desire? And that can also be characterized as pieces of great technique? Yes there are: Fountain Pens. There are more similarities than only the Limited Edition. More on that topic later.

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