Gadget Update (But I am not complete yet)

By Peter, May 5, 2010 00:48

People have asked me to give them an update on my new gadgets. But how can I tell you something on that as I am still not the owner of an iPad yet? Although that will not take long, I will then maybe write a separate  blog about my first impressions of the iPad. But let me now try to update you on the most remarkable things that entered my life recently. You maybe a little bit surprised. Not that many chips involved I can tell you!

You probably do not want to believe this. An iron? Yes an iron! And that is not because I recently found out that the local Media Markt is selling more things than TV sets, iPods and computers. It’s the Tefal GV9360. It’s now really fun to iron my shirts, as it costs so less time to get them done. Pushing all the buttons at the same time will let this beautiful machine produce so much steam that you have to look out not to burn your hands. At the end of the show some water is lying on the floor, so much steam was produced. But the iron itself is not that heavy as the others, that have to carry the water in itself. And as a matter of fact, I did not buy this at the Media Markt or Saturn. They did not have the product on stock and on the Internet I bought it for € 70 cheaper.

Again I have fallen for a product that did not have as many microprocessor chips as my other gadgets. It’s has also everything to do with steam, but based on the technique and the comfort it brought to my place, I consider this also as a gadget. By the way I received as a bonus an iron that can be switched on to the machine itself. But that I will of course not use. Anyone interested??? This steamy machine is very environment friendly, as I am not using any chemicals anymore to clean my floor and kitchen. These are the main area’s that this yellow device may show it’s strength. It remembered me at the time I used to clean some stairs in the flat I grew up. The instruction was to use a lot of water and afterwards mop up all the water. I used only few water and in that way preventing to mop up; I called it the Instant Dry Method at that time (35 years ago?). And after all these years I am still looking for possibilities to easy my work where I can and keeping the same result, outcome or quality standards.

Now maybe a real gadget? I guess so. This recently updated and newly designed piece of modern art changed my life again a little bit and it brought again some new capabilities to computing and the way I can express myself. It’s a lot of Fun, you can Touch it or use a Pen and it not made out of Bamboo and therefore it is called the Bamboo Fun, Pen & Touch. It’s a tablet you can connect to your PC or Mac through the USB port and works as an input device. It’s just like the track pad we are accustomed to on our laptop. It can help you with drawing on the computer and will be of great help for your photo shopping activities. But the most interesting thing I discovered up to now is the ability to use it in Office 2007. In Word you can use the pen functions and put your own signature under a word document or in a mail. Of course in OneNote (one of the most underestimated programs of the total Office package) you can fill your notebooks with all kind of quick notes. After buying and using this tablet I am really looking foreward to the new Packard Bell Butterfly Touch, a full featured Tablet PC, that should have been introduced already in January this year but still is not on the market.

Victorinox Spartan Translucent Blue Swiss Army Knife 12 Functions 13603T2And is this a gadget or not? Or is this the mother of all gadgets? Of course it is of great help opening all these packages I receive after buying on the Internet. Why am I so attracted to this so well known device? Why did I buy already my third one? Because of the colour? Because you can see through and in that way find out more about the secret, why this Swiss Army knife is working that well? I don’t know, but remember the saying: The difference between men and boys are the size of their toys. Am I still a boy?

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