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Ascension Day 2009

By Peter, May 21, 2009 17:13

Ascension Day is always a day off. And it’s always on a Thursday, so together with the Friday you can have a long weekend. Some nice spring weather is most of the time also a part of the deal. So what can go wrong on a day like this? Everything! Today the Rotterdam Football club Feyenoord lost from NAC Breda! 0-4 Feyenoord will not be part of any European League next season. And the financial problems for the club will probably be bigger. The new coach Mario Been has to do some miracles, although I just heard on Dutch television that he is not Ti Ta Tovenaar (Famous Dutch wizard from the seventies).


And last but not least, we said goodbye to Gerard Meijer. He worked for 50 years at Feyenoord. He took care of all the Feyenoord players all these years. Not only during the games, but also outside the stadium. A great thank you is on it’s place.

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