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The Logitech Squeezebox, the ultimate device?

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By Peter, May 20, 2011 22:24


Everyone knows, that I love gadgets and I cannot live not having the latest electronic devices in my possession. But every day it is getting harder to keep up with all the new technologies. Especially the tablets. There is some sort of tsunami of tablets coming from the east, trying to get the same importance as the trend setter on this market, the Apple iPad. For these type of things I gave up;nobody cannot come near the iPad. Full stop!

But one of my favourite other time consuming activities is listening to music. Not only the music of today, but also – being a guy of almost 50 – the music of the seventies en eighties. And today I found the gadget that combines these two. And to be honest, it is not released in the past few weeks, but already there for more than a year. The magic Logitech Squeezebox.

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